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What is STEAM?


 STEAM is all about teaching students how to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into solving real-life problems.

Throughout the course, students will follow the STEAM method of defining the problem, researching possible solutions, building, testing, and evaluating prototypes.

STEAM is an important  process to learn because our society has innovations that are changing daily. We need to be prepared to tackle these changes, re-evaluating our progress with the real-world applications of these changes.

How to use STEAM Units

1. Use as a supplement or add on to what a student is already doing for their science during the school year.

2. Use “just for fun”.  The lessons are so engaging and enjoyable with awesome projects to build that many use this for educational summer projects, or as a reward for finishing their other coursework. Because who wouldn’t like learning, building, and playing all at once?


STEAM adds art to the disciplines of STEM.

  • Why art?  ART is a key component that helps to enhance the other disciplines and plays a fundamental role in design.

  • Students need to learn the importance of art in regards to design and function. Art is not only aesthetic, but can be integral to the functionality of what they are building. 

  • A great example of this is the use of a 3D printer which uses all of the STEAM principles to create a dynamic and functional product.


Our STEAM units are designed for ages 10+, not that a younger student couldn’t succeed, but they might need a little more help.

You will receive everything at once including all the project materials, and online lessons. This is not a subscription.

Both! The STEAM units are super fun and engaging – kids love them. They are designed for the students to complete two lessons/week, for eight weeks. In this way each STEAM unit could be used for one quarter of a typical school year.

Absolutely. Please contact us here and we can help you get set-up for an engaging and dynamic classroom experience.

Our STEAM units are designed as eight week units with two, 40 minute lessons each week. Of course, students can set their own pace as they go through the course.

Yes. Siblings can succeed quite well sharing one STEAM kit, building and using the projects together. Of course you can always purchase a second steam unit if you find your children would do better with their own kit.

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