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STEAM: Aeronautics kit

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Explore the principles of flight in this Aeronautics unit of our STEAM boxes. Students go through the online lessons and get to build/experiment after each lesson! They will build five projects total – finishing with constructing a Mission-Ready Drone! They will fly their Drone to drop off supplies in a simulated mission and learn to solve real world problems with their new found knowledge!

  • All materials included
  • 5 projects – each one teaching a different principle of flight!
  • 16 Lessons designed for 2 lessons/week (8 weeks total)
  • Online interactive lessons
  • Geared 5th grade and up.

Exploration Education curriculum comes with all the necessary materials the student will need in order to complete each project and experiment including the following:

  • Project Materials:  For example: wood, metal washers wire, parts, propeller, controller, rubber bands, paper clips, etc.
  • Templates and Sticker Pages: Project templates, sticker pages, experiment supplements, etc.
  • Instructional Materials: Online access to the interactive student text with 16 lessons.
There are a minimal number of tools and readily available household supplies needed such as scissors, a glue gun, a pen, pencil, spoon, etc… 
For a complete list click here.

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How it Works:


Interactive Lessons

Students go through the highly visual lessons that illustrate the concepts of Aeronautics and how flight works. From examples and inspiration taken from flight in the animal kingdom, to new technology pushing the envelope for Aeronautics, each lesson makes concepts easy and memorable. Each Lesson is filled with clear, detailed instruction on both the scientific principles and the instructions for building and experimenting.

Building & Experimenting

After each lesson, the student will be doing engaging experiments or building projects to illustrate the concepts they have just learned about in the lesson. This gives them the chance to directly apply the knowledge that they just learned and solve real life problems. Using a hands on approach to learning encourages retention and makes learning topics easier and more enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 8.45.56 PM

Student Built Projects

Aeronautics Projects
Aeronautics Projects 2


(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for STEAM: Aeronautics kit

  1. Avery

    We are using the Aeronautics unit and we really like it. We love how much the student is involved and can do it nearly all by themselves.

  2. David

    My daughter really enjoyed the aeronautics unit. She said “I enjoyed learning how the different designs effected the flights.”

  3. Dawnah

    My son is having a great time with the aeronautics! He is really loving it! It has become his favorite school subject. Thanks.

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