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General Overview


Co-ops use our programs with great success each year. They range in size from five students to thirty. Our courses are easily implemented and are able to seamlessly flow into a group or co-op setting. Here is some feedback from a couple of individuals who have used our curriculum with their co-ops. For more testimonials you can visit our testimonials page.

"Our homeschool co-op of 25 children (ages 7-14) has used Exploration Education to study physical science. Everyone is excited about science! Everyone is having lots of fun! We all come to class with something to share and with a common knowledge base that has allowed me (the teacher) to lead the class more effectively. Plus, my prep time is zero - a far cry from the hours I used to spend running around hardware stores trying to make 25 kits for kids to use to make a project. There is nothing like this in all of homeschooling. Thanks for the great science." Jenny -- Lafayette, CA

"Thanks so much for the wonderful physical science program! My son and I (and in fact our whole homeschool co-op) have thoroughly enjoyed doing it this year! The projects have been awesome! Thanks again for the fantastic physical science program!" Janiece -- South Carolina

Although we will address some of your questions below, we recommend taking a look at the syllabus as well for this will help to answer and explain many questions you may have. Click on one of these icons to download the syllabus.

Length of course: 
Our courses are designed for a traditional thirty-six week school year. We understand that most co-ops meet less than this, so we designed our syllabus for the Standard and Advanced versions to meet just twenty eight weeks (the most common number of weeks a co-op meets). This can easily be adjusted for a few less or more weeks.

If you haven't already, we highly recommend watching either our Advanced Overview video or our Standard Overview video. This well help you to understand how our courses are laid out and used. We recommend at least one adult for every eight children when the students meet as a group. One adult to "be in charge", the others to help facilitate the progress of the students. The "general notes" at the beginning of the syllabus are very helpful in planning for the year. We do not have a separate syllabus for the elementary course. We recommend students completing the entire lesson/activity in class each week. If you are including students using the elementary program with students using the intermediate versions, we recommend having one adult to work just with those elementary version students as their course is separate from the intermediate level courses. If you are meeting less than thirty-six weeks, just assign a few of the lessons for homework during the year. 


image Do all students in the class need to have the complete course and what do I purchase for the students?
Most commonly each household represented will have one complete course with a second or third student in that household having either the supplies version (includes a logbook) or just a logbook (and the siblings share the materials). This allows for each student in the class to complete their lessons at home (see syllabus) and come together for the experiments and activities each week.

To make this easier to understand, let's say you have seven students taking the course. Some are taking the advanced course, some the standard.

Jeff, Susie, and Ron - advanced - order three complete advanced curricula -- one for each student.

Chad, and Rebecca - standard - order two complete standard curricula - one for each student.

Randy (standard) and Sally (advanced) are siblings: Order one complete advanced curriculum for Sally Order either one extra standard version logbook (they will share materials) or one extra standard supplies only version (comes with a logbook).

When we meet each week, what do the students/teachers bring to class?
We address this in more detail in the syllabus, but the following is basically all you'll need:

Students: EE curriculum box, logbook, student built project.
Teacher: Teacher's manual and any extra supplies that are listed by chapter in the teacher's manual. Here is a printable sheet for the standard and advanced versions. 


This is a great way to save money on the curriculum.
For example, if you order 10 Advanced Physical Science Curricula, your total savings would be: $302.10

NOTE: All orders must be paid with one credit card. All group orders must be shipped to the same address.

1. Add the item(s) to the shopping cart from our "store" page (blue tab at top of this page)
2. Change the quantity of the item and hit "Enter" (or return) to UPDATE quantity.

3. If your purchase is over $700, you will automatically receive 'FREE SHIPPING"
4. Enter the coupon code "8off700" to recieve an additional 8% DISCOUNT

Below are the savings you'll receive per item. The column in GREEN will help when figuring how much each family will need to pay.

A-21 Advanced Physical Science $177.90 $146.23 $31.67
S-11 Standard Physical Science $153.20 $127.83 $25.37
E-01 Elementary Physical Science $79.20 $59.75 $19.45
AS-21 Supplies only: Advanced $133.90 $105.75 $28.15
SS-11 Supplies only: Standard $114.20 $91.95 22.25
ES-01 Supplies only: Elementary $68.20 $49.63 $18.57
LBA-2 Logbook:: Advanced $32.95 $22.95 $10.00
LBS-1 Logbook:: Standard $27.95 $18.35 $9.60
AB-01 Logbook:: Elementary $17.95 $9.15 $8.80

PLEASE NOTE: All our complete courses come with online access. The following "Online Access" is rarely used as most students will have the complete curriculum available at home. However, if you have a student(s) that will be completing the lesson portions at home and coming together to share the materials with another student during class, you would choose this option plus a student logbook for those students. This will allow the student access to the online lessons.

NOTE: Order one for each student that does not have the complete course at home. They will need their individual "Online Access" registration number to log-in.
OLA-5 Online Access - Click here to add it to your cart. This item is not available on our store page. $35.00 $32.20  

For special circumstances not listed, please contact us at:

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