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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more common questions regarding our curricula.


What age is this science program geared towards?
The elementary level physical science course is geared for K-3.
The intermediate level - standard version is geared for 4th to 6th grades.
The intermediate level - advanced version is geared for seventh to tenth grades.

Does the elementary course follow along with the older courses?
Yes, the elementary course parallels the older courses so the younger student will be learning similar topics (of course fewer and simplified) as the older students.

If I have a 5th and 8th grade student, do I need to purchase two programs?
No, just purchase the advanced version for the 8th grader, and either a standard version logbook or standard supplies only (which includes the logbook) for the 5th grader. Each week both students will do the first three lessons of the chapter together, and then your 8th grader will complete the additional two lessons for that week.

Why not just have a completely separate advanced version?
We have done this for several reasons. First, many homeschoolers like to track their children together so that the students can benefit from each other’s insight and encouragement. Having just one course makes it easy to implement teaching that subject. It also helps keep the costs of curriculum down (you are only purchasing one curriculum, rather than two).

I have two children that I would like to have go through this course; does your curriculum work with more than one student?
Yes, there are several ways to use our curriculum effectively with more than one student.
1. Two students can share the curriculum. One student logbook or activity book comes with the curriculum, a second may be purchased separately. As the students conduct the experiments, they can do them at the same time, or there are generally enough materials that the experiments can be duplicated. The students can also share the steps in building the projects, or you may find that assigning them different projects to build will help the sharing process (one gets to build the Racer, the other the Solar Fan...).
2. We also offer a large discount to families for a "supplies only" course, which includes everything except the CD and teacher's manual. Visit our Online store to choose this option.

Is there an option to purchase a CD instead of using the Online Version?
Yes, you may purchase a CD for the course. Just add the curriculum to your shopping cart and then choose "add CD" under the shopping cart option.

If I purchase a CD, is the Online Version still included?
Yes, the Online Version is still included, Most customers just choose to use the ONLINE VERSION because:
• The ONLINE VERSION is always the most current and up-to-date version (images, experiment videos, new science discoveries, etc.).
• There is no specific expiration date to the ONLINE VERSION. So if you purchased the curriculum this year but wanted to access the program three years from now you could.
• The ONLINE VERSION can be accessed from any device (Mac, PC, Tablet, iPad)
• The ONLINE VERSION has Text-to-Speech capabilities (the CD does not have this capability)

We would like to use this curriculum in a classroom setting, can your science curriculum be effectively used this way?
Our physical science curriculum has been used successfully in classrooms, co-ops, and many other group situations. For complete information please go to our "Co-op" page.
Here is what one teacher's comments were:
"Our homeschool co-op of 25 children (ages 7-14) has used Exploration Education to study physical science. Everyone is excited about science! Everyone is having lots of fun! We all come to class with something to share and with a common knowledge base that has allowed me (the teacher) to lead the class more effectively. Plus, my prep time is zero - a far cry from the hours I used to spend running around hardware stores trying to make 25 kits for kids to use to make a project. There is nothing like this in all of homeschooling. Thanks for the great science."
Jenny -- Lafayette, CA

What topics are covered in the curriculum?
See the elementary or intermediate level sections of this site and click on the "topics" tab.

I have a student who isn't highly academic; will they be able to succeed with this program?
Although our curriculum is both appealing and challenging for the academic student, each lesson is presented in such a clear and concise manner, that any student will find they can enjoy and succeed in science. One mother put it this way:
"My daughter felt as though she could accomplish something herself, instead of feeling inadequate when it comes to school learning - she was so jazzed and encouraged to share what she'd learned and built with the rest of the family." Betty - Bay Point, CA

How many days a week does this curriculum take?
See the elementary or intermediate level sections of this site and click on the "overview" tab.

What type of computer will this program work with?
All of our products are both PC (for Windows) and Mac compatible. They are also compatible with tablets (Apple and Android).

If we already have the curriculum, can we just purchase the consumables for the curriculum, without having to purchase the entire course again?
Yes, we offer a "supplies only" version, which includes everything except the CD and teacher's manual. Visit our Online store to choose this option.

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