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Below is information regarding using tablets with our curriculum.


For our STANDARD or ADVANCED Physical Science Courses, please just go to and log-in online.

For our ELEMENTARY Physical Science Course please follow the directions below.

The following information is provided for those who would like to use their tablets to access the elementary online curriculum. 

We have done testing with both the Puffin browser and the Photon browser (android only) and they both function quite well on both Android and Apple tablets for our curriculum. With that said, we do not offer support for these options. We highly recommend that you test out the free versions thoroughly before you purchase of the full Puffin or Photon version (at the time this page was created -- about $3.99).

Why Puffin or Photon? Our elementary program is flash-based. Most internet browsers for the iPad or Android tablets do not support flash.

Steps to take.

1. Download and install the puffin or photon browser on your Android or iPad using the links below.
2. Open the new browser on your tablet.
3. Click on the "settings" icon and click "ALLOW POP-UPS" or for photon browser, "POP UP BLOCKER" is off (if you don't allow the popup setting, the user name/password entry box won't pop up.
4. Using the new browser, go to our website: and click on the "Online Access" tab.
5. Choose your version of the science program and follow the directions on that page.

NOTE: We highly recommend first using the FREE VERSION to confirm it will function well on your device prior to purchasing the paid version.

 Android tablets
Full version
Apple iPad tablets
Full version

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Cathy Duffy Review
“All of this makes the Standard or Advanced Physical Science kit an excellent choice for those looking for a hands-on physical science course.”

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