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Unit 1

Log-in Information: your registration number is on the front flap (when you open the box) of your curriculum box. It will also serve as your USER NAME and PASSWORD.

When you log-in, you will be asked for a USER NAME and PASSWORD. Looking at the example image above, your USER NAME is everything before the dot in your registration number, your PASSWORD is everything after the dot. Please note: they are both CASE SENSITIVE.
The number in the image is only an example, please use the information on YOUR curriculum box.

Please read the USER AGREEMENT before beginning this online curriculum.

I have read and agree to the user agreement. I also agree not to share my user name or password with anyone. I understand that the registration code is only for the individual who purchased the curriculum and cannot be transferred.

I agree/Log-in

For easy access in the future, we highly recommend choosing "Save my password" if your browser asks. Also, once you are logged-in you can bookmark the main page or make a shortcut to it.

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