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Homeschool Science Curriculum

Hands-on Science
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The following video's are the quickest way to gain a thorough understanding of our curriculum.

Each course is one year long. They are recommended to be taken during one of the highlighted years. 

Physical Science

ELEMENTARY science homeschool GRADES K-3 science homeschool

The hands-on nature of the ELEMENTARY (K-3rd) version not only develops a student’s interest in the world around them, but also establishes a solid foundation for all future science courses. The lessons and directions are both written and narrated to facilitate learning for those students working on their reading skills.

36 chapters 36 lessons 36 Experiments
4 Projects
One lesson each week

hands on science curriculumHomeschool Science

Intermediate Level
Physical Science

STANDARD science homeschool GRADES 4-6 science homeschool

The STANDARD (4th-6th) version is presented in a straight forward, easily understood, and hands-on manner. Real life projects built by the student make scientific principles tangible and concrete. Not only do the students learn and retain the information, but they will also find themselves enjoying and succeeding in science.

36 chapters 108 lessons 108 Experiments
7 Projects
Three lessons each week

Hands on science curriculumHomeschool Science

Intermediate Level
Physical Science

ADVANCED science homeschool GRADES 7-10 science homeschool

The ADVANCED (7th-10th) version builds on the foundation of the standard version, expanding it by adding 72 lessons and 3 additional projects. This course establishes a strong understanding of physical science. It introduces the students to the foundational concepts of high school physics including how to follow an accurate lab write-up.

36 chapters 180 lessons 144 Experiments
10 Projects
Five lessons each week

home school science curriculumHomeschool Science

 Cathy Duffy Review
"All this makes the intermediate advanced kit an excellent choice for those looking for a hands-on physical science course."

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